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I'm not dead [Aug. 1st, 2007|01:28 pm]
I just don't feel like updating.  Lots of good things have happened since I quit Amex, and for once I don't feel the need to talk about it in blog land.  I think I prefer personal interactions to those conducted over an internet connection.
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Hate your job? Quit! [May. 8th, 2007|04:23 pm]

Yes.  And done.

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(no subject) [Apr. 20th, 2007|12:04 pm]
Exchange with a coworker at the planetarium:

"How do you get a job at NASA as a pilot for that thing they use to simulate zero Gs, what do you call, the 'Puke Jet'?"

"You mean the 'Vomit Comet'?"


So, there's a very good chance I may be moving out of Salt Lake in the near future.  I had a friend extend an invitation to move to southern Utah a few months back, and it's starting to look more and more attractive, particularly because I hate my job at American Express, who just saw fit to move me to a new task for which I have no experience, and to take a pay cut on top of it.  Fuck Amex, I'd rather bus tables at a restaraunt in Wayne County.  Or I may just quit Amex and not move.  I don't much care.
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Knit Exchange [Apr. 18th, 2007|10:05 am]
So I'm terrible lately about updating this LJ.  It's really just your run-of-the-mill everyday laziness, but I thought that since last night the slc-snb had its exchange, I should at least make a half-assed attempt at posting.

I was the lucky recipient of a cool necklace/scarf from Jacquie (  Since I don't have a digital camera at my disposal at the moment, I'll try to describe it.  The main part of it is knit in this greeny silk yarn, and my first thought when I saw it was that she'd knit it around a length of chain, but no, she'd used a technique which I didn't quite catch where you sort of bind off one side of your knitting-in-the-round to the other side, but then re-knit the same bound off stitches.  There are also these little purple knit flowers at the ends.  Well done, Jacquie!

So the question arises, what do I do with it?  I know some people would suggest I wear it, which I did for about 2 minutes at SnB, but no offense, I just don't think it suits me.  It's awfully cool, so I'll probably hang it on my wall as part of a display.  I might also give it (along with a brooch or clasp) to my sister Boo-Boo, after of course explaining who made it.  Normally I frown upon re-gifting handmade objects, but I think it would be a shame for it not to be worn.  I mentioned this possibility to Jacquie, and she assured me she didn't mind.  Thank you, Jacquie!

I hope Teri likes the scarf (also no picture.  Dammit, I need to buy a camera.)
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(no subject) [Apr. 12th, 2007|10:17 am]
R.I.P. Kurt Vonnegut.
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More Jaywalkers [Mar. 24th, 2007|07:58 am]

I finished these in record time (about a week) because I thought I was going to be giving them away last Thursday.  Well, not so.  But at least that may excuse the picture quality, since I was in a rush and had my pal Jessica take these for me with her camera phone (Thank you!) while she was working with the Easter Bunny at the mall.

The pic is a bit dark, but this one shows the colors reasonably well:

In case anyone cares, they were made with Mountain Colors' Bearfoot ("Barefoot"?  Hell if I know...)  At SnB last Tuesday, Susan ( was unsure if I'd have enough yarn to finish the pair.  I wasn't so sure myself, and I was giving myself ulcers as I was working on the foot for the second sock, but in the end I still had yarn to spare (about the size of a ping pong ball.)  That same night, she had a crown come loose when she bit into a licorice allsort I gave her.  I know it's silly to blame myself, but I can't shake the feeling that I was responsible, like a bartender who finds out one of his patrons wrapped her car around a tree.

When I was talking to Jessica Thursday, we got onto the topic of knitting pronunciation.  For example, do you pronounce "skein" to rhyme with "pain" or "Ween"?  In the end, we decided that it would best to use completely different terminology.  From now on, I no longer purchase "skeins" of yarn.  I can't wait to walk into Black Sheep and ask for a few "wads" of yarn.

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(no subject) [Mar. 10th, 2007|12:00 pm]
So yeah.  I'm in love.  Hopelessly, deliriously in love.  And I don't care.  When I fall, I fall hard.


She's a liar.  Plain and simple.  Why does this always happen to me?  (Because I'm a sucker.)
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"I always get him mixed up with Winona Ryder" [Mar. 7th, 2007|09:59 am]

I just picked up the Bright Eyes "Four Winds" EP, and the title track has this memorable line:

"The Bible is blind.  The Torah is deaf.  The Qur'an is mute.  If you burned them all together you'd get close to the truth."

I always kind of wondered where Conor Oberst lay on the religious spectrum.  "When the President Talks to God" and "From a Balance Beam" kind of point at a general distrust of religion, but this is a bit more hostile and explicit.

Not that I disagree.

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Only posers fall in love [Mar. 6th, 2007|09:23 am]
Does that mean I suck?
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Skillz [Mar. 2nd, 2007|11:42 am]

I have yet another talent to add to my portfolio of mostly-useless skills: I can mix a sublime White Russian.

I found out yesterday that my friend Brody had been "let go" from the planetarium for "attendance issues".  I guess not showing up for work because you're painting and teaching skiing lessons in Park City is grounds for termination.  Who knew?  So I decided to swing by and mix up a few drinks.

Most recipes for White Russians consist of three main ingredients: vodka, Kahlua, and cream.  Vodka is the base, and since you're mixing it with cream, shitty vodka simply will not do (shitty vodka is pretty worthless anyway unless you're fifteen years old and you're giving your allowance to a bum behind the liquor store.)  My personal favorite is Grey Goose, fresh from the freezer.  I pour it over ice anyway, but when the vodka is freezing-cold, it helps minimize melting.  I usually put in a lot of vodka, i.e. nearly half the glass, but a good White Russian is a lot like a Long Island Iced Tea in that it is a very alcoholic drink, but it goes down easy.  As for the Kahlua, I add about half as much Kahlua as vodka.  Then you top off the glass with cream (or milk, if you prefer, which I don't.  I've heard of using skim milk in a White Russian; apparently this variation is known as the "Anna Kournikova".)  Again, I prefer to use Bailey's instead of cream because-- well, because I can.  And it's better that way.

Stir.  Cream floats (and so does Bailey's.)

To me, a White Russian is like a big, soft, crushed velvet sofa.  Getting steamed in style.

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